DotLeap 58 - A RMRKable Hacktoberfest

New runtime upgrade, first horizontal message passing channel, Statemine v4 is ready, and more.

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Polkadot Updates

🔴 ⭕️ Relay Chain

current staking rate 63.4% // ideal staking rate 75%

🔴 🏛 Governance

  • Community member gbaci has released the first draft of his book on Polkadot for beginners. A Treasury Proposal for funding further work didn’t pass the Council vote.

  • PolkaWorld has issued their September report about their efforts to explain Polkadot in China.

  • Merkle Science published a proposal for council feedback: the project aims to provide a solution for monitoring the Polkadot protocol to proactively and reactively fight the illicit use of the Polkadot tokens. More info on the proposal, along with the roadmap and budget can be found in the post.

  • Klever’s proposal to integrate Polkadot Network into their wallet was approved by the council.

A Hackathon on the World’s Most Advanced NFT Protocol

  • NFTs that own other NFTs ✅

  • NFTs that react to on-chain events ✅

  • NFTs that can issue commands ✅

  • NFTs that can equip (and be equipped by) other NFTs ✅

  • NFTs that can receive emotes (🦧❤️😍🍻) ✅

  • NFTs that have multiple resources ✅

With the RMRK standard, every NFT is eternally liquid, forward compatible, and infinitely extensible. The proof of this RMRKable power can be experienced on the Kanaria platform.

The RMRK Association - stewards and main developers of RMRK - launched the RMRK Hackathon with a prize pool of $50,000 plus valuable NFTs for both developers and non-developers. The hackathon is run in partnership with ecosystem heavy-hitters like PAKA, Phala, PoCoCo, D1, Signum, Illusionist Group, Subsquid, and AMPnet, is meant to expand the NFT ecosystem on Dotsama (Polkadot and Kusama) by building on top of and around the RMRK protocol and its tools and products.

Join the Hackathon

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Kusama Updates ₑₓₚₑcₜ cₕₐₒₛ

🦅 ⭕️ Relay Chain

total supply - 11.5mil KSM || staking - 43.8% || parachains - 21.2%

🦅 🏛 Governance

  • Referendum 135, to upgrade the Kusama network to Runtime 9100, is now up for a vote by the community. It has been fast-tracked by the Technical Committee. The voting period is set to seven days and the enactment period for one hour after the voting period ends.

  • Motion 362, scheduling an 11th parachain auction, was proposed and passed.

  • Metrika published a proposal for feedback and discussion: aiming to provide a publicly available dashboard that exposes deeper operational KPIs and insights, allowing community members to analyse network activity, consensus participation, or RPC node performance. These real-time dashboards will be publicly accessible. They propose to develop three of these: a Network activity Dashboard, a Consensus and Staking Dashboard, and an RPC Activity Dashboard. Milestones, budget, and overall proposal can be found on the post. Thank you to the community members who already left their feedback.

⛓ Connected Parachains, dApps, and others

  • Karura and Bifrost have created the first HRMP (Horizontal Routed Message Passing) channel on Kusama. Read Bryan Chen’s (Acala co-founder) tweet thread for more information and better context.

    » The new LKSM/KSM liquidity pool has been launched in Bootstrap mode on Karura Swap.

  • Bifrost has launched vsKSM farming

  • Paul Cladius (co-founder of DIA) will be hosting an AMA with Sota Watanabe (Shiden co-founder) on Thursday, 7th October 2021.

  • Moonriver announced an integration with Dapplooker, multi-chain analytics & visualization platform for blockchain projects. Developers on Moonriver (and Moonbeam once it launches) can use the Dapplooker dashboard to analyze their on-chain data. More info

    » The Moonbeam Foundation partnered with Transak. Now, eligible users will be able to easily purchase MOVR tokens (and GLMR tokens once the Moonbeam Network is launched) by using their debit or credit cards and initiating a transfer to their address.

  • Statemine V4 is almost ready for release!

🔗 Candidate Parachains, dApps, and others

  • Acala released a new ecosystem report for September. Notable highlights include

    • Launch of liquid staking

    • Partnership with Chainlink and Blockdaemon

    • First grant issued to NUTS Finance

  • Polkadot Web3 wallet Talisman closes $2.35M seed funding round led by Hypersphere Ventures and supported by numerous DotSama ecosystem funds and founders.

  • Crust released a new ecosystem update for the past week. Notable highlights include:

    • Partnership with Elrond, Near, HECO, and Polygon

    • Decentralized Cloud Foundation announcement

    • Integration with Token Pocket

  • Bit.Country released its ecosystem update for September. Notable highlights include:

    • Launch of a new webinar series

    • Launch of Pioneer, their canary network on Kusama

    • Release of platform architecture and brand names

  • Subsocial organized a token claim during which they distributed 1 million SUB tokens to all eligible accounts that participated in the claim. Another claim process is slated for Thursday, 7th October 2021.

  • Cere Network CMO Martijn Broersma hosted a second AMA with Turing Research community.

  • PolkaWarriors community hosted its 35th AMA with Kintsugi--the project that seeks to bring trustless BTC to Kusama.

🌎 Community & Ecosystem

  • Bill Laboon hosted an AMA on Reddit about Staking on DotSama.

  • There will be a Polkadot Korea meetup on Crowdcast on 13 October featuring Gavin Wood.

  • Bill Laboon will be giving a talk on Polkadot's hybrid consensus model (i.e. BABE and GRANDPA) at 16.00 CET at Trust Square, Zürich. Also available remote for those not in Zürich.

  • Remember that Sub0, the largest conference for Substrate developers, is 13 - 14 Oct. If you are interested in how to build your own blockchain, you should register

    » There's an offline event in Berlin the night before (12 Oct). Register here

  • if you are looking for a broad view of all your accounts on Kusama (including parachains, Statemine assets, NFTs, etc.) in one place, enter your address in

  • Gavin Wood posted Part 3 of his Polkadot XCM article series, which covers XCM execution and error management.

🛠 Tools

🌠 NFT Review

weekly newsletter keeping up with the evolution of NFTs in the Dotsama ecosystem.

  • RMRK released a new website and launched a month-long Hackathon with a prize pool of over $50,000.

  • Kraken’s Parachain Auctions Podcast hosts RMRK founder.

  • Zoombies NFT cards coming to Moonriver.

  • Kanaria (home of NFT 2.0) netted over 6,767 KSM (~ $2.3m) in weekly sales volume.

    » 2 Super Founder Kanarias sold for 2,950 KSM (~ $1.1m).

Read these and more

👷‍♂️ Jobs in Web 3.0

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  •, home of the most advanced NFTs in the world, is looking for React developers and Rust developers. Get in touch!

That's it for this week - I hope this was as useful for you to read as it was for me to write! Many thanks to Bill Laboon for his daily digest, which helps me not miss some important updates!

The Dot Leap is put together by Bruno Škvorc and gbaci.

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