DotLeap 48: Statemine Levels Up

Permissionless assets arrive to Kusama, Karura launches first Kusama DEX, Robonomics create a new relay chain, and more

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Polkadot Updates

🔴 ⭕️ Relay Chain

  • The Treasury-tipped py-subalert program allows you to monitor and alert you of on-chain events, such as validator commission changes, referenda, and large balance transfers.

  • This week, the Polkadot Relay Chain passed 6,000,000 (six million) blocks produced (in the canonical chain). 🍻

🔴 🏛 Governance

💰 Remember: if you’re a councilor, please review and endorse tips in the Treasury!

  • Motion 94: aiming to bring to light an easy-to-understand explanation of Polkadot in a book form: available to everyone for free. Budget, timelines, and book structure can be found on the Polkassembly post.

    Please take 20 seconds to fill out this 2-question form to help us determine the best direction to take the book (or whether it is necessary at all).

  • Motion 95: requesting funds for the Polkadotters community, to include all activities the group has developed as well as the creation of content for the Polkadot communities around the globe. Link of past work, budget, and milestones can be found on the Polkassembly link.

  • Motion 96: After integrating Kusama to Dotscanner explorer, the team is following up with new features for Polkadot's integration, including chain stats, transfer and rewards export, validator stats, common identities, and balance & reward over time graphs on accounts. More info on the post.

  • Referendum 26, to increase the number of validators in the active set to 499, has failed.

  • Referendum 29, to increase the number of validators in the active set, is currently failing by ~ 50k votes against, ~20k in favor.

    Note that since Referendum 29 originates from a public proposal, it requires a supermajority to pass due to adaptive quorum biasing.

  • MaraLink has published a Polkassembly post seeking feedback on linking Polkadot with Polygon.

Kusama Updates ₑₓₚₑcₜ cₕₐₒₛ

🦅 ⭕️ Relay Chain

🦅 🏛 Governance

💰 Remember: if you’re a councilor, please review and endorse tips in the Treasury!

  • Referendum 126, to upgrade Kusama to runtime 9080, is currently passing unanimously. If passed, it will be enacted on block #8,555,825.

  • Fearless published a new milestone proposal to be considered by the Council: Fearless Wallet: Multi-asset & networks support proposal, for a convenient way of managing assets & features from different networks in one application, having access to all tokens & networks in one place. Fearless aims to provide a convenient user interface for managing user’s assets from different chains in one place. This multi-asset proposal includes support of META-accounts, multi-asset support, and new networks (this proposal covers multi-asset in terms of Polkadot, Kusama, and Statemine including Westmint networks. Other networks like parachains will be integrated together with parachain teams).

  • Patract Labs published proposal #766 for Ask! v0.3 (AssemblyScript Contract) for review before on-chain submission.

  • Encointer's request for a common good slot: Feel free to leave any feedback, questions, or comments on Encointer's proposal! The discussion is still open.

  • Honoring Statemine’s upgrade to v2 runtime, the Ethworks team published two proposals for discussion in the category of UI/UX development, aiming to simplify asset creation, asset transfer, and usage of Statemine tokens by other chains:

    • The first proposal, "UI for easier creation of assets on Statemine and asset transfers:" aims to develop user interfaces that create a great user experience for both new asset creation and asset transfer - budget and milestone can be found here;

    • The second one, "Streamline use of Statemine Assets in dApps on other parachains" aims to find an easy way to use Statemine tokens from other parachains. A runtime-level parachain app can send an XCMP transfer message to Statemine but currently has no way of reading Statemine's state or have a secure execution confirmation. The team aims to explore other possibilities to achieve integration of a parachain dApp with Statemine. More info on this proposal, including budget and milestones, can be found here.

⛓ Parachains, dApps, and others

🛠 Tools

🌎 Ecosystem

👷‍♂️ Jobs in Web 3.0

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