DotLeap 42

Crowdloans consume 5+% of all KSM, the first parachain auction on Kusama is live, Polkadot Decoded official soundtrack minted as an NFT on RMRK, and more!

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Polkadot Updates

Polkadot Decoded soundtrack as NFT

Polkadot Decoded is done, but the music remains. In fact, it’s around forever - the soundtrack has been minted on RMRK as an NFT!

🔴 ⭕️ Relay Chain

How about that? 2 weeks with a smooth running relay chain and no problems to report. Long may it continue…unless we have positive updates 😁

🔴 🏛 Governance

🔴 ⛓ Parachains, dApps, and others

Kusama Updates

Auctions are starting! This proposal has begun the first auction today (Tuesday, June 15th 2021) at the following params:

  • duration: 27000 (45hs: 3 less overall hours to give time for the winner to be picked)

  • lease_period_index: 13 (current lease period)

  • Ending period: will be an additional 5 days (this is hardcoded on-chain)

🦅 ⭕️ Relay Chain

🦅 🏛 Governance

  • Polkashots, which stores snapshots of Kusama and Polkadot databases, is looking for feedback for a potential proposal to integrate IPFS and cover operating costs.

  • There are currently 17 tips still seeking final authorization from Kusama Council members.

  • SubQuery and Fearless have partnered to submit a proposal to treasury for an Open-source DApp API for common data and document and publish learning material and tutorials to use it. The proposal desired outcomes are: to provide more support to developers in the ecosystem, improve the interoperability of dApps and parachains and attract more developers to the Kusama ecosystem.

  • Motion 309 by and aiming to provide usable blockchain database snapshots for Kusama network validators has passed Council vote.

🦅 ⛓ Parachains, dApps, and others

🔩 Core Stack

  • This is a pull request by Shawn Tabrizi that would allow creating crowdloan credits—vouchers you can give to other people which they can redeem for DOT or KSM which can only be used for crowdloans.

🛠 Tools

  • Polkadot JS Apps UI is at version 0.93.1, allowing bidirectional Kusama - Statemine asset teleportation and showing teleport fees. It also marks dead endpoints as unreachable (cronjob test), fixes some crowdloan displays, and more.

  • Polkadot JS Extension is out with 0.38.5, with support for signing of raw data via Parity Signer. It also has a backwards compatibility break with previous sign/verify implementations like this one, in that all raw bytes are now wrapped in a <Bytes> tag.

  • Polkadot JS API 0.14.1 is out. This is a low priority upgrade that does some input length checks, adds an upgrade block for Kusama 9040, and makes the BN library more accessible by exporting it from @polkadot/util.

🤝 Community News and Articles

👷‍♀️ Jobs in Web 3.0

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