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Ethereum keys in Substrate, a flood of conferences, public clouds of Kusama nodes, and more!

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Sub0 Online

Parity organized the 3rd edition of Sub0 on Tuesday, April 28th.

This edition was, of course, virtual. With over 1000 attendees, this conference was one of the biggest blockchain conferences of the Corona era, if not the biggest.

All talks were recorded and can already be rewatched on Crowdcast. Some notable talks (personal opinion):

🚨 Friendly reminder that DOTs do not exist yet!

Kusama (v 0.7.32.)

Alexia Bonatsos on Twitter: "This is literally “old man yells at ...

Need a public Kusama full node? You can now connect to a RYO cloud: a load balanced set of public nodes that people are running on their home hardware. When you connect to this endpoint, you’ll be randomly connected to someone’s home node. Decentralized infrastructure at its finest! We documented the various endpoints at your disposal in our endpoints wiki page!

💥 Chaos

Rushed referendum 48 went in on Monday (hastened by the technical committee and the council) with a massive runtime upgrade. This was one of the rare backwards-compatibility breaking upgrades which required that all validators run version 0.7.30. or risk getting slashed.

The upgrade also broke sync on some nodes and multiple validators were slashed, but this was promptly undone and the sync issues were fixed in the 0.7.31 hotfix release. Kusama is now at 0.7.32.

⚠ Updates

🏛 Kusama Governance

  • A user mistakenly submitted a Treasury proposal after misunderstanding the mechanics of Treasury votes. Detailed on Polkassembly. A motion has been put forward by Jam to reimburse the user for the lost deposit under certain conditions. Lesson learned.

  • UseTech has documented their proposal for a new user interface for nominating and validating. Based on soft approves from before, they submitted a new treasury proposal #19, documented here.

  • Referendum 49 (council motion) kills a storage prefix which changed due to an upgrade in runtime 0.7.30. The prefix was holding preimages for proposals. Preimages are now stored in another location, which is why all proposals in the system were temporarily without them. The referendum has passed.

🔩 Core Stack

Last week was the most active development week on Substrate!

Excluding merges, 40 authors have pushed 66 commits to master and 251 commits to all branches. On master, 302 files have changed and there have been 11,649 additions and 6,728 deletions.

( ͡✧ ͜ʖ ͡✧)

Substrate releases will now produce MacOS binaries for Substrate and Subkey!

( ͡✧ ͜ʖ ͡✧)

🛠 Tools

  • Polkadot JS Apps UI now has support for multi-signature accounts. A full guide on creating and using them can be found in the Polkadot wiki page on Multi-sig accounts.

  • Polkadot JS Apps can now take into account ENV variables when run as a built static site. This makes running the site in environments like Docker easier. Chevdor / Will has already made an image for it. Install docker and run the Apps with: docker run --rm -it -e WS_URL=ws://myurl:9876 -p 80:80 chevdor/polkadot-ui:0.40.0-beta179

  • Polkadot JS Apps now has a Targets screen which lets you pick Validators from a list when nominating, and even has a “Select best” option which just picks the most highly performing ones. Nominating is becoming easier by the day!

🤝 Ecosystem

📅 Upcoming Events and Webinars

  • [Webinar] May 1st: How to Run a Kusama node on by Stefaan Ponnet (CTO of Avado)

  • [Conference] IEEE, May 3rd, Bruno Skvorc: Build your own blockchain in an hour, then forklessly upgrade it, and build a custom UI for it 😱

  • [Conference] Mousebelt, May 4th, Bruno Skvorc: Build your own blockchain in an hour, then forklessly upgrade it, and build a custom UI for it

    [Conference] Ready Layer One, May 4th - 6th, a tech-oriented conference with all the major projects representing their work in a highly hands-on or technical manner - no pitches, no “intro to”, just WORK. Polkadot / W3F content there is:

    • [Workshop] Bruno Skvorc: Build your own blockchain in an hour, then forklessly upgrade it, and build a custom UI for it

    • [Live Podcast] Rob Habermeier: panel with founders from Tezos, Cosmos, and Near hosted by Laura Shin

    • [Talk] Gavin Wood: Polkadot: The Launch Process

    • [Talk] Alistair Stewart: Cross-chain messaging protocol (XCMP)

    • [Talk] Jeff Burdges: Availability and Validity

  • [Conference] DeFi Discussions by Dystopia Labs, May 1st - May 4th, a DeFi online conference featuring talks by Bill Laboon (intro to Polkadot for DeFi), Logan Saether (parachain economics), and Jack Platts (fireside chat).

  • [Conference] ANON Summit, May 20th: Web 3.0 And Polkadot, a non-technical introduction and Q&A session

  • [Webinar] May 21st: Polkadot for Beginners, non-technical intro by Bill Laboon and Dan Reecer

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