Dot Leap 35

Parachain auctions and crowdloans coming to Rococo, vote for Polkadot Decoded talks, on chain inflation calculation, new runtime upgrades, an NFT EVM bridge proposal and more!

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Parachains onboarding coming to Rococo

A parachains onboarding PR has been added to the Rococo relay chain. This means that alongside testing of parachain functionality (already enabled and used by ~10 parachains), Rococo users will now be able to test auctions and crowdloans to claim slots on Rococo. All this is already supported in the Polkadot JS UI, so you can expect to be able to play around with this immediately after the runtime upgrade.

Epic NFTs at Polkadot Decoded

Polkadot Decoded is coming up and has a voting system in place for the talks you want to see - by the community, for the community. The NFT team is preparing an epic launch to show you, so please vote for our talk: Workshops -> NFT Crash Course.

Polkadot (v0.8.29)


Polkadot Governance

Vote for a better tomorrow!

I’m running for Council Member on both Polkadot and Kusama! Read more about why and what I can bring to the table in this post or click the banner below - the post also explains how to vote in screenshots. Remember, voting costs nothing but a transaction fee - and can be done with locked and staked funds - but has the potential to change the landscape forever!

Kusama (v0.8.29)

🏛 Kusama Governance

  • Referendum 105, proposing an upgrade of the Kusama runtime to v2029, has passed. The upgrade has been enacted.

  • Referendum 104, proposing Litentry as a new registrar service on Kusama focusing on automatic verifications, has passed community vote.

  • Motion 278, proposing Hanwen Cheng as curator of bounty #3:Mobile Signers / Injectors / Walletconnect equivalent, has been approved by Council.

  • Motion 277: by DeepDAO aiming to integrate Kusama to their platform, passed.

  • ✔ Mario from Polkastats published a proposal for the Validator Resource Center and Ranking Website for Kusama, milestones 2, 3, 4 and 5 which passed. Along with the proposal, you will find the report for M1 delivery and a list of the completed tasks. You can play around with the Validators ranking HERE. Please note Milestones 2, 3, 4 and 5 have been completed already so the requested allocation covers work already developed.

  • ✔ Everdreamsoft published their milestone 2 proposal for Canonizer (formerly PolkadotAssetJS). Milestone 1 report can be found HERE. The new proposal can be found HERE and has passed. The milestone aims to cover the implementation of the library working on different pallets and connected to relevant running nodes.

  • ✔ Patract Labs submitted Ask! (ink! in AssemblyScript) v0.2 proposal which passed. Ask! aims to provide a set of contract framework and compilation tools using AssemblyScript (aka AS) as programming language. Contracts written through Ask! can run in the FRAME Contracts Pallet, and eventually can call each other with contracts written by ink! You can find a detailed timeline for v0.2, budget and features on this link!

  • A Treasury Proposal for PolkaWorld to develop the website is under consideration by the Polkadot Council.

  • Motion 72 focuses on a new type of identity registrar for the Polkadot network, optional real-world identity verification (without requesting the sender to disclose anything sensitive), and publicly-retrievable evidence of verification. Currently, none of the live identity registrars on Polkadot can adequately verify the "legal name" field of the identity and require you to trust the registrar: This new registrar aims at fixing that. You can review the proposal and the architecture behind the proposal here,

🔩 Core Stack

Ethereum Compatibility

As Moonbeam and Parity’s Frontier mature, I believe it’s worth having a separate section discussing Ethereum compatibility with Substrate and Polkadot in general. The potential for collaboration between the two ecosystems is immense.

🛠 Tools

🤝 Ecosystem

📅 Upcoming Events and Webinars

Voting is now open for Polkadot Decoded 2021. Choose your favorite presentations and help select the program. From technical deep-dives to visionary talks, there are more than 200 eligible proposals to vote on up to April 4th. Check out the submissions and vote now.

Don’t forget to vote!

Your vote only costs a TX fee (a few cents) but it can change the protocol (both Kusama and Polkadot - depending where you vote for me!) for ever - good governance is responsible governance! Click the banner to learn about my candidacy!

Note: your tokens will be locked in democracy, but are still usable for staking, referendum voting, etc. If you want to transfer them, just cancel the vote and they’re free, no strings attached.

That's it for this week - I hope this was as useful for you to read as it was for me to write! Many thanks to Bill Laboon for his daily digest, which helps me not miss some important updates!

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