Dot Leap 21

Bounties on Kusama, Bugs on Polkadot, Gitcoin adds native support for DOT and KSM, ink! v3 is in release-candidate stage, new Polkadot UI theme (dark + robohash icons!) and more!

Thank you for taking the Dot Leap!

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Hello World! 👋

"Hello World! by Polkadot" is a series of challenges for users to earn KSM and DOT by learning and completing challenges on Gitcoin!


Polkadot (v 0.8.25.)

Due to recent staking algorithm changes, unfortunately most nominators staking less than 200 DOT are not receiving rewards. Developers are researching potential fixes.

Polkadot Governance

Painless Two-node Local Testnet

A new script has been merged in which quickly spins up a two-node local testnet version of Polkadot from the current master code rather than relying on release. This is great for testing breaking changes while developing updates on Polkadot’s and Kusama’s binaries. This is a much more rudimentary version of Shawn’s Polkadot Launch tool.

Vote for a better tomorrow!

I’m running for Council Member on both Polkadot and Kusama! Read more about why and what I can bring to the table in this post or click the banner below - the post also explains how to vote in screenshots. Remember, voting costs nothing but a transaction fee - and can be done with locked and staked funds - but has the potential to change the landscape forever!

Kusama (v 0.8.25.)

With the recent runtime upgrade, Kusama now has bounties enabled in the Treasury!

Bounties are a special mechanism for recurring, curated work paid for by earmarked funds from the Treasury. A curator checks the work and approves the payout - this is ideal for content producer teams under an editor, open source contributors under an admin, events under a marketing director, and more. A discussion on how to apply them in the first wave is ongoing on Polkassembly.

As an experiment in dogfooding, I posted the proposal for the DotLeap editorial bounty to Subsocial! If you need Subsocial tokens to interact with the post, visit their faucet!

💥 Chaos

Early KSM council voters may have some KSM inaccessible. This bug is being investigated and will soon be fixed via governance.

🏛 Kusama Governance

  • Passed Referendum 88 schedules an increase in the number of validators on Kusama by 1 every era, for 400 eras. The council should be able to stop the increase if metrics change on the network. Regarding validator increase/decrease automatic function: the work is being reviewed at the moment. As Council member, I voted against it.

  • Jessica Angel and the Vancouver Biennale of Public Art opened the discussion on their proposal submission for the development of a high impact art installation: using custom designed adhesive vinyl and AR technologies, they aim to create Voxel Bridge: a physical space in the city of Vancouver to present a journey through the most prominent events in Kusama Network. Kusama events are identified by the artist as well as roadmap, timelines and budget. You can find the full proposal here.

  • There is a new Kusama Treasury Proposal Discussion to use Kusama for academic robotics.

  • Motion 224 pushed an upgrade to runtime v2025. Among other things, the runtime upgrade adjusted max nominators down to 128 (from 256) and introduced Bounties.

🔩 Core Stack

( ͡✧ ͜ʖ ͡✧)

Batch All support has been added, which means atomic support for batch transactions. In other words, if any of the transactions in the batch call failed, they will all revert. This is extremely useful for projects like RMRK which depend on good batch calls when trading NFTs!

( ͡✧ ͜ʖ ͡✧)

Ethereum Compatibility

As Moonbeam and Parity’s Frontier mature, I believe it’s worth having a separate section discussing Ethereum compatibility with Substrate and Polkadot in general. The potential for collaboration between the two ecosystems is immense.

🛠 Tools

🤝 Ecosystem

Don’t forget to vote!

Your vote only costs a TX fee (a few cents) but it can change the protocol (both Kusama and Polkadot - depending where you vote for me!) for ever - good governance is responsible governance! Click the banner to learn about my candidacy!

Note: your tokens will be locked in democracy, but are still usable for staking, referendum voting, etc. If you want to transfer them, just cancel the vote and they’re free, no strings attached.

That's it for this week - I hope this was as useful for you to read as it was for me to write! Many thanks to Bill Laboon for his daily digest, which helps me not miss some important updates!

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